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Dear players,

we are very excited to bring you another edition of the Admin news. Some bigger news are on, so we shouldn’t waste any more time. Let’s get started:

Account sitting

We are unlocking the ability of setting up a sitter for an account. The option will be available for 90 days a year, so make sure you use it wisely, and only when in need.

NOTE: The rules for account sitters are the same as with share IP - during that period, no contact between accounts is allowed in any way (work, trades, donations, etc). You are responsible for who you set as your sitter, do it only if you can trust that person, otherwise don’t be surprised when some time later, you come back from your vacation and find yourself banned because your sitter abused the account.


Missions are coming back! Of course, they won’t be the same ones, but main points are the same, so let’s start introducing them:
    They will last from March 18th until April 28th
    They will go in phases: Basic/grey missions first; then sets of Businessman/blue, Soldier/green, Adventure/red (3 of each); then when all Businessman, Soldier and Adventure missions are completed, Expert/orange missions will appear; and after them, one final mission, with a medal on your profile upon successful completion of all missions
    Approaching the end, we will implement the ability to finish them using gold, but you will be notified about it when the time comes.
Some of the prizes are 650 RPGs, 28 work tokens, 4 q5 houses, and many more...

New Strategic building

We are introducing a new Strategic building - Research center. It will be implemented during next week, but wouldn’t hurt to present you with its features. The price for building and upgrading it is the same as with Missile factory, and it will provide this:

You must wonder what Hyper bar does? Well, it cancels the countdown for energy refill, giving you automatically the ability to refill your energy bar without the waiting period. Meaning that this:

Will turn into this (or however big your energy pool that day is):

With just one click.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Hyper bar can not be stocked, you can have maximum of 1 in the storage. If you have 1 Hyper bar in your Storage and click on “Research”, you will only receive the work tokens that day. Once you spend the Hyper bar, the next time you click on “Research”, both work tokens and new Hyper bar will be received.

Speed Week

We are happy to announce that another Speed Week will be active from March 18th until March 24th, to welcome the upcoming missions and to accompany the last week of the Act of War event.


Missiles’ damage will be changed from 18.03.2019, and their damage from now on will be as follows:

Update - Removing inactive members from parties

For those who don’t follow us on Discord, from March 8th, all party members which are inactive in game (haven’t logged in for 30 days or more) will automatically be removed from the party. The only exception will be for Party Presidents.

Coming soon: We will soon implement the same thing for Military Units (automatically removing inactive MU members with the exception of Commanders and Captains), you will be notified on Discord when it happens.

Baby booms and Promotions

We received many questions regarding supporting baby booms. We would like to remind you that we support and are glad to help in any ideas, actions or attempts of baby booms in your home countries and in native language. If you have any of those, don’t hesitate to contact us through private message or any of the official channels.

As always, for any questions, problems, suggestions, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.

We wish you best of luck in completing the missions. Until some other time with more news, have fun and enjoy the game.

Best regards,
eRevollution Team                   


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Correct images
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Midor estuvo aqui....
Looks goods changes
Creating q5 Research Center is not logical at that position.
game is dead, silly tries to make someting
good job on the missiles , they were starting to be badish
300g for 1 hyper bar ? who will spent 200g for 2 more works ? nonsense
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Bravo. It is nice.
Seems to be good changes Laugh
Give more dmg to missiles!
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its not logical to give 300g to gain 5 work tokens perday is insane!
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Interesting, will be easier to make hospitals and DS + updated missile damage.
its not logical to give 300g to gain 5 work tokens perday is insane!
Essa remoção de inativos é ótimo
I never play with more than 1 account! I never play to make profit for myself! still I received perm Ban on erev for being sitter for a friend. so this option is DeaD for me!!! what else?... I only play this for losing time with friends.
No bonus reshuffle????
What is the point to pay 200 Food raw + 200 Wepon raw + 10 cc to get 1 work token that can bring you back with all bonuses 500 raw? If you can just buy 100 raw for 10 cc?
I am happy Wink Kiss
Let s see how will affect the game!
Interesting changes ! I think Hyper bar will boost the sales of housepacks !
bad changes
Good changes, but regarding the research center it s only Q3 that makes sense to buy.
Mission 4:Energy is lost, you are getting weak. Recover 2,000 energy using Food or Energy bars......... It does not count the energy bars, or at least on me...
thx for fixing bombs ❤