The War Cry

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As you may seen or heard Chickerino was hacked so I ll share you some tips or should I better call it common sense. 

    1. First and most important is to choose your password wisely. Use minimum 10 characters and include uppercase in them. Also include some of special signs like dollar sign $, percent % or anything like that. 

    2. Second also important is: Don t give your account info to anyone! 

    3. Don t use your login info on other sites. Chose different password.

    4. If someone sends you suspicious link don t click on it! It can be phishing page or some other malicious site. If it s erev link be sure to check where does it lead before you click. Also check url in address bar. It should always be same:
    So it should always have erev2 in it exactly like above and also u should see that padlock icon along with https. If it looks different don t click it.
    Especially if you get redirected to login page! Check url first!

    5. Don t download 3rd party software from someone on discord etc...

    6. Install antivirus software it should warn you about these things if u come across them.

    7. When in doubt use common sense :d

Also ChrisGeoRm accused me of those recent events and told that my damage calculator hacked account.

I am assuring u that my calculator is 100% safe. It s simple java code and it passed Google chrome code review which you can t fool with something suspicious. I ll also give source code to anyone that ask for it on Private message. 


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Lol, this is exactly 1000 articles later than the calculator one.
Illuminati confirmed :d
@Wolf72x NOT ANY SINGLE EXTENSION of any game, is safe. All have a back entrance to check info from PC s that added it.
Ok ok this is the only time you can call OFC weak :/
Ok, I m setting my password to BrorherhoodOfSteel now. It s nice and strong!
Go ahead! Crack my Weak password xD