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Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) - Warfare analysis - 4 years ago - 8

EPIC win against Admin Alliance!!!

Thank you allies and friends!


ZiZiextremoBTGehennaSebastian Davalos RecargadoTeksMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacMlitacDerassiMuebleitorG21SaferextremoBTextremoBTJumpyLionJumpyLionJumpyLionJumpyLionJumpyLionJumpyLionJumpyLionSPIRIT OF DEATHCraaksKenyikosta1bas

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Laugh #admin Alliance
E da imas sub
Good battle o7
Nice battle both sides! Thank you, friends, for the help. o7
s5 v12
What an epic battle!
Nice battle!