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After speaking with Indonesia CP we came for next agreement:

1. Indonesia will get their core back, all Thailand region except south thailand, all Malaysia  region except Peninsular Malaysia without interference
2. SA will Get South Thailand,  Peninsular Malaysia, Phillipnes , India and Srilanka
3) Both countries are not allowed to hit against each other in any type of war.
4) If a country loses a regions they are supposed to have by the treaty, they are to secure it without interference.
5) This NAP is valid when signed by both CPs and its duration is 30 days. Can also be renewed if both parties agree on it. 



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Signed by Salah,cp of Sa
omis geshinodet
Mshvidobis geshinodet 😏
Good luck
Really? Smile , nice indo , shame ... : )
i dont see Indo here Surprised
Zivila nafta
Signed by Fingolfin, CP of Indonesia.
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