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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,

After the rest we all took during the global NAP, TNT is back in the game for some action. We have few announcements to make, so sit well, grab something to drink and let’s go.

HQ elections for March-April

Supreme Commander – Kaveh
Vice Supreme Commander – Alexander95

Military Commander – Safer
Military Assistants – Asmin, ktab, MikaelaShiffrinFan , Salah
Commander of TNT Special Forces - CemiSRB

Secretary of Foreign Affairs – Otis Redding
Secretary of Public Relations – danider

Treasurer - Duque de Santangelo

Honorary Member of HQ - Zakk Bloodworth, DrethGar

Welcome to Paraguay in TNT
We will kick off announcement time with some great news. After the bunch of fun and cooperation we had with Paraguay in the past months, we are glad to officially announce that Paraguay becomes a member of the TNT brotherhood. TNT is going to stay behind you in good and bad. We are happy to have you on board and we are looking forward to have a lot more great moments with you!

Neutrality of Brazil/OFC
TNT is going to respect the new path for Brazil under guidance of OFC. We realize that this is one of the ways to offer equal opportunity for everyone in the game. As long as Brazil doesn’t break their word and actively join Military and Politic Life of eRev2 directly, we are going to be responsible with the fact they are mercenaries and they get paid to hit in different battles without any involvement regarding geopolitics. We are looking forward to make the environment of eRev2 better for everyone.
eRev2 Hacking

TNT is condemning any activity in the game that involves hacking, doxing, blackmailing and altering the game in a way that is against the rules. We demand for ceasing use of such unloyal methods to change the outcome of the game. Sooner or later the truth about this will come out and whoever did that will have to take the consequences for this deed. No matter who is staying behind it and in which side he is at the moment!

Best Regards,
Secretary of Public Relations of TNT,


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Brotherhood of Steel o7
v for vi
Never respected OFC before even though you hired them in previous games with the same motive? k-- as for the hacking look at your MAs for a lead.
condemning hacking yet putting the person behind it in your HQ lol
you are in advantage bc Brazil declared neutrality!
LOLOLOLOL ya mejor les regalamos el server. Es como ver un Francia va Islas Feroe 👀
Rip erev2
and then spicks in comments double negative
no georgia no party
One alliance to rules them all
TNT no longer has opposition and you still keep together and add another country? Laugh RIP erev2 Sad
TNT just add countries, where is other alliance?
Omg, hacker pls hack TNT... oh wait. U there already?
TNT main objective is to turn game into a croatian farmville, lets go you can do it
TNT son this server, they death all countries. So..... GGWP! Play alone dudes.... If you want our country, take it! It s yours 👀
lol, you wont stop till you get 90% total game firepower, right. Pathetic^2
Ako je neka MU placenik onda nebi trebali da se bave politikom nego samo lovom na klijente ko više plati tuj i pucaj? A ovde izgleda kontra toga Smile
who is the enemy of TNT again?
New HQ? I see the same since beginning of the game Smile. + Still recruiting countries in TNT? You already have 70% of active countries in your alliance. You will fight against who if everybody is in TNT Laugh
hail paraguay
Hail Brotherhood, this game is yours Laugh
Why more countries? Sad
Suck my Dick TNT Smile
TNT lost 3 countries and got 1 instead. If you worked as hard as you cry you would have formed a counter alliance same or even stronger. But of course crying is easier
Finally, balance
Mexico, yall bunch of p*ssies
@ktab LOL, what chance of counter TNT? you already surpassed 60% global firepower, restricted visa use, have mercenary neutrality and even have hackers in your side. There s no chance to win at all, don t be pussy and realize that you and your ppl is killing the game. And i used to respect USA, so i don t think im biased.
who is the enemy now? *popcorn time*
Isaak, nope, not by any means. TNT is strong but not invincible. All it takes is to work and form a proper alliance. Or even 2 but it needs work. AeonFluX shhh. you just don t like USA enough, remember?
lel, are there any country left to counter TNT? Even Spain and Georgia are on your side, and mercenary land is neutral, which is still on your side as you have the gold to buy them. I was just asking, who is the enemy now? You just need to answer.
But.. but.. you do not like USA enough isn t that so? You want the game changed but you want it ala carte. So tell us aeon, what countries do you like so we force them to be your allies.
Paraguay became a puppet!