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Thanks to the foolishness of an alliance to maintain all the control and damage of the game, I have decided to leave this game. As well as a large part of the Mexican community. They have already destroyed the Brazilian community, the community of Indonesia and Argentina. Well, be happy to destroy another community and keep playing ALONE.

Gracias a la necedad de una alianza de mantener todo el control y daño del juego, he decidido dejar este juego. Así como una gran parte de la comunidad mexicana. Ya destruyeron la comunidad brasileña, a la comunidad de Indonesia y Argentina. Pues bien, estén felices con destruir otra comunidad y seguir jugando SOLOS.



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Gl in real life o7
I don t understand when you were a part of that monstrous alliance everything was fine then you turned your back on your allies in middle of a world war and attacked them now you cry I left Erev1and the the oh he game without a single word just press log off and don t whine
LOL! You never look for us like a allies, can I remember what happened when we lose vs Brazil? USA disappeared
I ll miss to see you here, my parter of complots and plans. Aniways I am keeping in touch with you in all our social media. XOXO
is it me who suck at politic and screwed up everything? oh no! its just the entire world failed us, shame on the world and everyone who didnt like us!
La mejor parte es la de coman verga 😝