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Medal System - https://www.erev2.com/en/article/3712
I agree that events should have unique medals, for example the missions we have now,give the same medal as the missions we had some weeks ago. So thats not good. For the MU medals, i cant agree. Since there are MUs with 200 members,and MUs with 1 member. Everyone would play on his own mu in order to farm medals etc. MUs can always reward their most active players with prizes etc...
OK, for farming medals i agree with u. But this medals or badges i think it is beter to get with not gold. Only medals or badges.
It s look like a similar game : ) : ) : ).... well I agree to make event with unique medals and change them as badge so it will be more interesting for player to have this decoration on their profile : )
I think for MU medals must not be gold rewards. Only badges.
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