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List of freelunchers who are subbed by me and go through a 4-step distress process during a 4-day period, yet do not bother to sub back or at least answer me.
Avoid them like the plague!!
I also appreciate each and every sub and - when receiving your sub number - I am going to sub you back as soon as I can.

001. lNyCream



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the nerve!
We are all trying to get some gold for the beginning. People will unsub when we start to write because of notifications, it is normal. But these spineless cowards have no respect.
I guess I have to thank you for writing an entire article to promote my journal, as long as you re there?
It s funny how Ny did actually sub to you, and so did I, not anymore tho
Unsubbed. Too much negativity
hello there! im an old sub of your good newspaper. (your NP currently at #614 subs) please sub my newspaper back, if you havent already: PM me back, or post on my newspaper, with your sub number, thanks!