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Published in Brazil - Political debates and analysis - 04 Apr 2019 10:31 - 34

Good evening, eRev2

Today I will make an announcement that will most likely make most of you happy. As Secretary of Public Relations of TNT alliance, I announce that after an almost absolute vote last night, TNT is disbanded. The reasons for this are multiple.

Some of the people were not satisfied with the state of the game, so they would like to try something new that will make the game more interesting.

In the last 2 months we have a hard time making a working HQ team. While NAP period was a good reason for not being active, in the other time we are supposed to work on 100%. Probably the idea that made our group come together washed away to some extent and we lost the passion to work under TNT.

Of course, there were some differences around few more important decisions which helped us decide to disband the alliance, instead of pushing it forward in multiple groups of countries which are separated on some issues.

We are going to respect our MPPs until they expire, but all members of TNT are open for negotiations, diplomacy and new projects.

TNT HQ wishes best of luck to every country and every player that contributed to our actions. We had a lot of fun together, we achieved some great things, participated in some good fights. Every good thing comes to an end, tho. But every end is just a mark for a new beginning.

TNT drops the mic.

Best regards,


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where da mic at
Hail TNT o7 was a good run o/
“Im not fired! I quit.”
Because I came back. We know.
OFC likes this. 😋
opaa pizdec
Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
It would be bettet to go on Brazilian RWs and take them bonuses but USA and Bulgaria are scared because they have bonuses too
Bulgaria has OHs against Brazil every day or every other day, Piko.
like we care if you take our bonus for 24h we will just take them back with little effort, but you are welcome to spend your stocks in our RWs. regarding to TNT good luck in your future endevors, i only speak for myself but im not happy or sad you disbanded, just curious on what will be the reprocursions on the diplomatic game
For some reason you guys think that OFC is happy that TNT dissolved. For another reason you keep saying the name of OFC like we are your Archenemies or something.. We fight for who pays us. USA did, we help them vs Mexico. FYROM paid us,so we have to fight against Serbian attacks. Did any country of TNT ever asked for contract since the day we took over Brazil and we said no? You create a hate that doesnt exist. We gave our fish bonus for free to BG in order to build good relations with them, and we paid 270g to Peru in order to take fish for us. Do you really think that an enemy or someone that hates you so much as you say,would ever do that? You hate us, we just fight for who pays us.
+1 Chris
Good decision, but late.
whatever future might bring, it s been an honor fighting besides all of you, TNT members o7
Where has all the organization gone, long time passing
Published in Brazil :thinking:
Chris, not so long ago you were talking alot about balance, so I don`t really believe that dissolution of TNT changes nothing for you.
Macedonia pay OFC. BIG JOKE Laugh
Fyrom paid OFC yes, Greece didn t pay at all @Vssa what ar eu saying Laugh
About bonuses.. We take em just for a hour. And when i say we i mean only OH. But be glad, theres no TNT or Pantheon. Now you can realize your dream for balance, many alliances and future of smaller countries. Or continue to collect 2.5k+ ppl in one country and cry more. Pay2win o7
Safer Macedonia never paid OFC only pay for moving of Resistance war
@Safer, start resolving your RL frustration somewhere else, offending Macedonians on the game will not help you
@Matejsh @Vssa you are both so cute when someone says smth you don t like Laugh even your ally [ since he is merc ] calls you fyrom Cheeky
You noob
It is a bad thing to drop food. 1 mic = 2.5 RON (1.03 BGN).
/me eats popcorns