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Greetings my fellow citizens and friends from around the world!

As you know, I ve returned to the game to help my country once more. I had originally wished to come back sooner, but was pressed on time. I am here to stay for the long time.

For those who don t know who I am, I will give you a brief resume.

x4 President of Ireland
x1 MoD of Ireland
Founder of Axios Mortem (AM)
x2 SC of AM
x1 SC of Excelsior
Former OFC member (if Chris lets me put this lmao)

I will be back for my 5th term as the President of Ireland on day 184. I will be introducing major changes for Ireland as well as for the globe. As for now, I will layout the premise of Ireland s return to glory.

Economics and Population

  - A big problem that we will face is that of gold and population.
 - Recent estimate put Ireland at 15-20 active and two-clicking. So I would like to offer anyone who wants Irish citizenship and a chance to interact with eIreland, please send me a PM and we ll get you CS. 
 - As of tomorrow (Day 184), all congress members will be REQUIRED to send their gold received for being elected to the treasury a day after the upcoming election. 

- Ireland will be rebuilding its military greatly in the upcoming days. We will be recruiting foreigners to come join Ireland and serve in the Irish Foreign Legion. We are looking for 6 people total, 5 members and 1 Commander. We will be handing out supplies and citizenship for these members. If you re interested send me a PM-
- As of tomorrow (Day 184) we will hold off on all MPPs and renegotiate for MPPs with countries who are interested.  
- We will also be looking in the international sector in alliances. We will release the news in a few days in this.

Ireland in general
- We want all citizens to run for Congress in a few days to have max proposals in Congress.
- Mass PM will be sent to gauge activity.
- If you are interested in serving in the cabinet, please send me a PM and we can chat.
- Please join our Discord. My personal Discord name is Brisleáin#8015

Here is to the rebirth of Ireland!


Bris, next President of Ireland


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Good luck o7
Good luck o7
Very happy that you are back! o7
Good luck Smile
Good luck o7
Nice! Good luck