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omg he started. plz stoppppppppp no more articles from saferrrrrr
@ChrisGeoRM come on man... it wasn t even that bad this time xD
ohh i didnt read tbh . i saw safer, i posted...
@ChrisGeoRM saaaad....
Gebels, is that you ?
Ψήφος μεγάλη!
Hail USA
Safest country ever, but you cant be safe and good friend. You need to put your a*s for your friend, but usa never could do that... more chichens there then in kfc xD
@Piko USA got almost wiped in the last war, and noone was bitching nor was asking for NAP, on the other hand a country - Not saying names- wanted to NAP no matter what though they didn t have lost a single core in the game yet Cheeky
Safer 😂Stop the over use of USA 😂😂😂.... incorrect: USA Citizenship Correct: US Citizenship And the UK has ministries 😂 the US has Department s 😁 example: Department of Propaganda Education
@Raver I know that, but i am using the in-game terms my friend :
When imigrant speak abount imigration program Smile
None better qualified to do so djurdjo