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Greetings my fellow players of eRev!

    I am proud to announce the formation of the newest alliance to the game.



The following countries are included:
- Croatia
- Greece
- Ireland
- Saudi Arabia
- Serbia

Our HQ is as follows:
SC Mr. Darkwish
MC Donxairis
PR Brisleain
SoFA Motorina

We wish good luck to all players and countries!

Next article will be introducing the HQ staff!


Dark Side HQ


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Comments (45)

pole and Nice o7
Good luck Dark Side Smile o7
Hail Dark Side
Salve a la orden jeady
The real name, The Good Side Laugh
good luck
Good luck o7
i thought we were the dark side D:
Al maestro Owen kenobi le gusta esto xD
So thats why Croatia was so cocky Laugh
No traitors more in dark side
NOVA alliance wishes you good luck and long life!
Al maestro Owen kenobi le gusta esto xD
@dani come kiss me, I missed you
Hello dark side
Alliance with backstabbers countries only 😂😂😂
@Blue Alcohooligan your low IQ takes are banned on my articles
Good luck! o7
@Blue where did I backstab you?
khm khm nešta bi rekao ali dobio bi mute Laugh
good luck o7
This alliance is good i approve the SC XD
Darkness is coming
Signed. Romper, baker of eRev2
Good luck
Good luck
dont give the crazy irish too much power Cheeky
Vidim da cemo morat impicat cecena
omg, no respect for Bulgaria!
Good luck guys o7
good luck see you on battle field soon o7
remind me again why i chose brisleain to make the alliance articles ? Cheeky
Hahahahahha Motorina SoFA pa i nije za drugo nego da sjede po njemu 😂😂😂😂
Good luck guys o7
@AritonB why ?
Wow, this name sucks as hell
Good to see Greece active! Good luck guys! o7
Lol yeah it s not the greatest name for an alliance, plus the logo needs to be reworked
btw, will there be a war SRB-BG ? Make it happen, so that i can burn all my damage and quit the damn game
Good luck o7