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Greetings citizens of eRev2. I m here to present you Portugal.

Portugal has a small but active and friendly community. We are working to increase our community and we count on you for that.

But, why should you join Portugal? Here are the reasons!

-We have an Hospital Q5 in out capital (Lisbon) and we produce monthly our Hospital Q3, which is going to replace Q5 for the next months. We look foward to produce Hospitals Q5 in short time.

-We have a good economy which has been increasing fast. In 2 months we were able to reach 500 gold in treasury from 80. For a small country that s a good achievement.

-We have an active and save market. Our currency rate is 1 PTE for 0.012 gold.

-The salaries are pretty good, 60 PTE equivalent of 0.72 gold for work.

-There are many events and awards for being an active player.

-We have many MPPs and own wars, so there are Daily Orders everyday.

- Also, we have Donnis™-Senpai

Ask your citizenship application today and find out more perks of belonging to our country.


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Portugal without Marcial is like melted ice cream. :smirk:
Portugal o7
25 PRL for you son o7
With Donnis senpai, who wouldn t want to join? Good luck!
Good luck! o7
Goodluck guys o7
Motherland of the best player in football history! Adelino André Vieira de Freitas Vieirinha!
^ and OFC