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It s a pleasure to announce to you new diplomatic victory of newborn alliance Dark Side Pact of mutual non-aggression is signed after many long talking hours at the meeting of the two sides, and you can read the fines in further text of this article.

Every war voyage is suspended from now, and Dark Side on one, and Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on other side are now free from any contact including all points of the NAP

1. Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) will take back every core region occupied by Serbia
2. Serbia, and every other member of Dark Side Alliance will not DW (Declare War) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and VICE VERSA
3. Serbia, and every other member of Dark Side Alliance will not NE (Natural Enemy) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and VICE VERSA.
4. For any violation of the NAP point 1, 2 or 3, other side is free to attack .

This Non Attacking Pact is valid until new presidential elections with the possibility of extension.

NAP signing: 
Mr DarkWish ( SC Dark Side )
goodbeer ( CP of Republic of Macedonia - FYROM)
Sich ( CP of Serbia )
Piko ( Serbian MoFA )
mistiko ( Republic of Macedonia - FYROM MoFA )


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signed SC and enternal Commander of DarkSide.
good luck
Macedonia o7
Republik Laugh
Former Yugoslav Republic of Naps
Signed o7
you mean Severna Makedonija
Signed by me o7
Monkeys on peace..