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Greetings to everyone from beautiful Bolivia!

Greetings from our capital city :)


In the past months, Peru and Bolivia have had excellent cooperation.

Cooperation was both economic and military. Together we managed to prevent Mexico from taking their invasions :) ;)

In line with this, we decided to make an agreement and make it public:

1. Bolivia will control a total of 3 regions (Pando, Beni and Cochabamba and Santa Cruz)

2. Peru retains other Bolivian regions

3. Peru pays rent every month (30G)

4. Bolivia is not fighting against Peruvian interest

The news has already been posted in PERU )

This agreement has been signed and accepted by both Governments.


Sincerely yours,
Current president of Bolivia



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Accepted and signed !!! o7
Alejandro aprueba y firma este acuerdo entre Bolivia y Perú
Firmado, Emperador del Perú