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When everywhere the topic of conversation in this game is the fair play. Fews who are allowed to safe it with judgement rights - broke it! 
Its known that most of moderators are in Brasil. They play with them and protect em asf. I had a conversation with one of moderators today just to try his opinion and he fail ofcourse.. He start to excuse, changes the topic with full bullshtz. But we are living in 21 century and all of us know that who pays he orders!
  There are mainly two shapr sides in that game.
So not that long ago had a hard and exhousting war between these both sides, with many sneaky actions by few players with inflated rights named moderators.
  On the one side was indomitable Pantheon, after that rebuilt to TNT. And from the other side very hard opponent in face of VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  Nevermind we conclude unwanted NAP because we are respecting our word. When i say unwanted you have to know that noone normal player didnt want this NAP, even the government! We didnt want it because we knew they became too poor to continue pressing, and it was clearly vissible.
  Nevermind we said it, we made it. 
Yeah, we wanted from the Admin to make some changes with these limmitless purchases in middle of war. Because its not normal when one normal player makes 200-300 hits (20-30mln dmg) per battle, some players to make 400-700mln dmg per battle...
 Ofcourse the Admin firstly close his eyes and ears but these changes become real in the end of the war, maybe few deys before it. EVRIKA! 
Those strong and independent women s, sorry i mean players start to cry firstly because Pantheon is too strong, and this is why they are paying to win than the government of this alliance decide to rebuild it to TNT to bring back ballance and joy in game. After that all those chickens chuckle again that there have to be more than two-three aliancess and strongest countries have to be separated. We admit their wish, because on this point they are right so TNT dissolved and reborn in NOVA with some new members. 
  But what happens than: Brazil (The New Switzerland, collector of bank cards) ; The Mercenary Land ; The Righteous and Fair country; The only country who cares for smaller countries become in alliance with rest large countries in face of SA; SRB; CRO; GR and HUN! Ill say it again MERCENARY LAND as DarkSide. Im pretty sure that this name is invented by SA and BR, becouse of the colour of their skins but nvm, its not their fault that evolution is overdue to them. 
 Last few words these dark members or black mambas spoke for honour and backstabbers?! Honestly?! SA, who was under ocupation by greeks before TNT?  Or Brazil who spoke for separating the game and alliancea to have fun for smller countries?! Or CRO, who become neutral because of same?! Or even Serbs, who had the privilege to receive from us a core region?! We never lose or gave a core, only that time as a gift to SERB. 
So you will talk to us about backstabbera and honour?! Btchpls

Thats my own point! BR


FirebladeGral Righi

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