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Respect for all of you!

If you want a good salary, good equipment, a quiet life ...
Bolivia is the right place for you!

You do not need to change citizenship!

The idea is to launch several smaller states within one, within a small and secure Bolivia.

Bolivia is the only stable country with a very small number of active players.
For months we have successfully managed both internal politics and external affairs. Our regions are free and safe for months, thanks to numerous allies.

Bolivia has a good geographical position, has sufficient resources and region for now, has good neighborly relations, has good agreements ...

It s yours only to contact us!
Everything else is our concern and obligation!

Sincerely yours,
Current president of Bolivia


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Gl guys
Votado pero pregunto , ahora en Bolivia solo se habla ingles? Laugh
20-40-0? Laugh
Votado pero pregunto , ahora en Bolivia solo se habla ingles? X2
Yea, English is here from the first eDay Smile
Tambien podemos hablar Español !!!!!!!
excelente iniciativa