The word of Ra

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You forgot to put original screen of battle of fujian Wink
Me identifique con el Chihuahua
1 sniper can put you all down
Laugh Kiss Kiss Kiss
Its producing in Gerogia njaab Laugh Laugh
salahs braincells right now - non existent
What a noob 🤣
respect to each other....its just 1 game
wow putin so sexy. ty
Tqveni dedas sheveci rusuli cheqmit
and you missed initiative against Iran ?? Wink
fake Goebels 😂 Chinese version 😂😂😂😂
kaveh no one cares about iran
😂 njabs everywhere
who know whats IRAN??? afraid of days that IRAN wake up
Salah, I see only 7 million of damage from SA in Ruhunu.
Marcial I see it from profile links of SA players Wink