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CryGeio(ChrisGeo) want to get the fish bonus (Fujian) From Georgia

And attack it but meanwhile he lose his last Asian region.

But he didnt realize it and his puppets start trolling

And after that, he lost and the direct battle

Its the result

Hail NOVA o7


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ste men Laugh
Hail NOVA o7!
Hail NOVA o7
I m a mess I m a loser I m a hater I m a user Cheeky
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Hail NOVA o7
Hail NOVA o7
Hail NOVA o7
If i wanted to take fish from Georgia (China) i wouldnt left all my Russian regions. But as i said many times, ur IQ is too low to understand when someone is trolling and talking seriously. We can see that even from ur article design Laugh Brazil goal is done, you used missiles and EDs for a front that was created for drain, it didnt last long but it was enough. Also idk what ppl like u do, but i would never reveal my real plans in a public chat Laugh
@Kaveh lol that song is actually as ringtone on my mobile phone hahahaha xD
brazil was against TNT overpower, joins DS
Lol, Chris... If this is what u call drain... No, you haven t drained us at all Laugh We have so much EDs waiting for you Wink
Dont worry Espor, we will always have more Wink We are VISAS as your side call us, remember? Laugh
Hail NOVA o7
We have VISA players too Laugh We will see where the war will lead us
Nice, so this time u will not boycott Laugh
Celio is not here, you will cry even with VISA Smile
@Butthurt look around , okay Laugh