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Hello people, how you doin ?

I am Admiral, not a very active politically nor military person... However, since this country has democracy and since our beloved commander Safer has given me permision to participate in politics as well as take care of his MU s party, i decided to run for the next president of the US.

I dont expect many people to trust nor vote me xD But nontheless i promise you i wont troll or anything in the miraculous case that i actualy get elected.


CP - Admiral
PM- Ktab
MoD - Safer
Governor - Valuk89
PM - Drethgar

I have not rly asked anyone except safer, but i assume all would like to cooperate and help me so i add who i d wish to be part of my gov!!!

Have a nice evening and good luck in elections o7


AncestralPeaky BlinderDrethFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosFarelosmacolms

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full support o7
Young blood deserves a chance ! Good luck o7
Thank you my friends o7 i hope even unlikely, that i will get a fair fight for the eletions between my respected candidates
who is this : o
Good luck! Also, this is article 4000 on eRev 2 Smile
I just noticed pelmer.... hahaha xd @Fikip noone that is known :/ i just want to get a chance for elections xD
no kaveh in government?
@LSeDation no... i don t want him to disband the government too xDDD
Admiral for CP
way to go you have my vote
full support Laugh