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You may ignore all the article and scroll it to last paragraph.

While whole world were fighting in SA-GE battles we have also dramas in small countries.

Month ago I took CP position and get two enemies USA and SK. Near my first days on this position USA has attacked Japan islands for going through and get bonuses in NK and SK. There is nothing we can do vs monster like USA but with SK we could at least make troubles, that was first time when i contacted SK government. Get ignored.

I delayed a little the USA, before they get to SK core regions (by raised unwanted RW s, for day or two) continued write to SK CP. Still ignored. 


Then i chose to get two last regions, take a little break and start to make troubles to USA.  But something unexpected for me was happened. SK was fighting for last like beasts. I thinking about this a lot, why are they spend a lot of resources on completely useless regions and fights. 

Oh that i call competitive spirit! Fight till end when they had no reason to continue. I accepting this!
(even when damage will be enough to deal with USA lelmao)

Week ago i put every last gold to take initiative, and failed :) 


It was fun and we take second try today. Even if we lost i promise you, we will face again. Like eDom Tzu Sun said: war is continue.

Stop scrolling here

Now we return to main problem. There is something that i want to ask you guys. Is there is really your competitive spirit or anything else except? What are real reason of your fight? 


I hope I get answers.
Best regards, Roger Burjak Winkoo, Master degree of Weeaboo, CP placeholder. 



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I heard from SK people that Japan broke a long time of peace (those aren t my words)
Stay strong
i would say its a little personal
You really do not know? https://www.erev2.com/en/country/law/36/Japan/4581
Japan started this war first, and nothing has ended since then. You re still fighting against SK, do you need more reasons?
WTF Surprised Japan starts war and asks to enemy why you fight?
Its needed to be open letter to start a dialogue, so its kinda hard to believe in nothing personal. If so we can speak about peace treaty?
yes, if you want anytime. so what your offer?