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To the Little Countries of this game, countries like Switzerland, Ireland will do what we can to keep you on the map.

Our friends in Switzerland know this now.
France decided to erase Switzerland picking on the little guy.
France rolls in to Switzerland

So Ireland decided to do the right thing and stand by Switzerland and helped them defend their regions.

The response from the aggressor was to bring the war to Ireland and attack our regions.

In the first battle in North Rhine-Westphalia France believed they had the upper hand but with the Irish Defence Forces and Irish Ranger Wing they were repelled in a tumultuous final minute.

and we had Friends

To the Irish Army for their steadfast support to the little Countries in this game and for defending Ireland in the first attack from France our Country President, Briseain, has, having previously awarded the National Army,  Óglaigh na hÉireann  the Distinguished Service Award 3rd Class has this week awarded Óglaigh na hÉireann the Distinguished Service Award 2nd Class.

To all players in little Countries whether you have a few regions or none...


If Ireland loses this war then you will all be just considered cannon fodder for the bigger countries in this game.

Stand with us and join our war.

Lets show them that the little guys count to.

And lets give a reply to France they might understand.
We Must See our Present Fight Right Through To The Very End - Bobby Sands
Ireland Abú



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Little Countries This Is Your Fight
Ridiculous Fun Laugh
But France is a little country too :thinking:
A little country that attacked us
C est compliqué cette guerre quand tu ne désactives pas le tir allié x)
Uruguay and Italy also need help
😂 france a big country 😂 That s fun! Nice speech for sure the truth behind your words is not as clear as it seems to be 🤔
Little countries bow down the the will of the irish or they will start to troll you with fale news
What is our goal then?
france a big country hahahahhhahha
Ireland: 70 players vs France: 190 players Meanwhile me in Poland: 103 players vs Bulgaria 1082 players. If you want to help small countries then come and fight here - not for 12 players Switzerland that makes less than 15cc in taxes a day xd