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In case someone didn t see info from discord.


In my opinion the thing with alphabetical order is quite unfair. It would be better if for example number of hits made by countries decide the final order of countries. Since the second part of this event is about making most hits.


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i agree
Albania have advantage! Laugh
Go Albania 🇦🇱💪🏼😂😂
I agree as well. It should be decided by something that you can control, and the number of hits is a good option.
Alphabetical autism. Just split the sum of the first and second place reward or give the same place reward to both countries.
It s fine, Bulgaria is first alphabetically, if you check the current top 5
alphabetic order? cant you just give it to the country with less active members?
@Marcial idea is best, give the award to weakest county this is event for strong countries to became more stronger
no matter what event they would think of, people will find a way to cheat it and abuse of its mechanics