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I mean, 2 hours and 7 votes, and already in TOP 5 International. Used to take me 500 votes to get to the Top 5 in the first game.

Obviously, we are lacking quite a lot of things here, a number of active players being just one of the factors.

The Admin has started to listen to players, but it may be too late. Or not? Not sure. In any case, we need a series of babybooms if we are to have this thing working again.


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Game is dead!
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Is the dead a game?
is game dead?
game is game but this game is dead
This article was as useful as giving the advice If you don t eat you ll most likely die
It s easy, same missions, same events, people get tired and leave the game
game died day 209 o7
Cuando estubo vivo????
Is the game a game?