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Greetings all. I write this to update the citizens of Ireland as well as the people around the eGlobe. Ireland is in difficult position and a rough spot. We have seen the victories and the defeats against France and her allies. 

Ireland has went over the 1 billion mark in Wallonia. Ireland won the early battles as France was not strong enough. They call upon their allies to help them because they could not finish what they started.

As you can see here - France clearly relies on allies for their advancement. Quite clearly it is the world against the Republic of Ireland.

Why is the MoD of the Yanks fighting against us? Chris clearly has issues against the Republic.

We have a 1v1 going on and we cannot even get a fair fight. It seems that DarkSide, an alliance I helped found would rather focus and fight against a country with 20 people active. You wonder why these countries always lose. Poor leadership. Poor coordination. And run from a fight. While Ireland runs head on for a fight.

Yet again, the MoD of the Yanks is hitting against the Republic. Sad.

Today the Celtic Liberation Army has decided to wage a guerrilla war against France.  Our strategy is that through the effective use of guerrilla warfare, and through continuity, maintaining, an effective fighting force. We will eventually collapse the political and militarily will of France to stay in of the Republic of Ireland s land.

We would like to thank our allies for provisions and damage in our war. Our intentions need to be known through the eWorld that we are fighting for a just cause and the defense of our great country.

This is just the start. France will feel the will of Ireland shortly.


Celtic Liberation Front



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Pole prros Laugh
Ireland Abú
As you can see Irish make an article only when they win a battle but they did not make any when they lose all their colony. Also, they talk about ally make France win, but they do not say that pelmer is great tank who tank all their battle with tons of damages and that contribute a lot. Anyways it s Brainless who did this article so... should we care about it ?
Do you understand how articles work? How propaganda works? How general strategy works? Do you understand Pelmer is a citizen of the Republic? Do you understand what you just said is a false equivalency to your allies? Low IQ take, I see that a lot from the likes of you lately..
Stay strong, Ireland.
oh nooo, pooor Ireland, in danger because of the Mighty France.
Fake news
funny story telling ^^ (especially the : look at that! we, the irish knight, defend the small switzerland and netherland with all our spirit ) that it s your right to define your own truthfullness XD
Its better to fight, not talk. Diesel was talking a lot and making articles, and you can see the results Cheeky
Stop talking against me, Chris. We are friends now. Sad