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Hello to everyone,
I hope we all enjoy the game, and everyone of us wants to continue it!
After all previous cataclysms and the ruin of OFC - BRAZIL and the DarkSide, NOVA become too strong and its not cool at all..
The new event is cool, but there are just two superpowers in face of Bulgaria and USA and they are in same alliance, so its not fair for other countris.
Nova is close to its end, probably, and i  think it have to be done for restoring the balance in game. 
I remember how they worked as one for long time, but it will be better for all of us to separate as friends. Whats is said - is said; what is made - is made, nevermind if its just a game or real life, we have to continue forward. And remember if someone ever was unfeigned to you, no matter if its a friend or opponent!
So i suggest you:
Top 4 countries to creat new alliances, but this time without surreptitious acts. 
Not to creat 3 alliances again and both of them to fight each other and the other one to stay neutral or to be payed to fight 2vs1. Or top 5 countries to be on same side and farm smaller countries or whatever like that. 
Lets creat something new, something interesting with countries with same interests and same way.
I hope more of you will agree what im speaking for and we will be able to revive the game with more interesting concept from the outgoing.
This is my personal oppinion, im noone to speak from the name of someone else or whatever. So i do not involve any country in this! 
Please Vote and Sub : ))

                                                                                                                                                                                     BR StalkeR



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Fak the balance
o7!New balanced alliances are always welcome!
Agreed, we need a reset
Wait for event to end
Just wait for tournament to end, then everything will happen Wink
I doubt there is someone who doesn t realize the end of the tournament will lead to the split of current alliances and new wars that will drown us again into beautiful glorious mass destruction and dark times... what we all crave here.
good idea!
We need a more creative admin team.. Smile
Todos mariks
what a silly proposal. You just can not force the big countries to make fixed alliances, even for balance sake. Smile
@Rosiel nice speech... But let me remember you something.. When you was with brazil in alliance you was in a dog`s exhaust pipe. harishako from SA was same like you month ago but see em now. Its so easy to wipe a country Wink
@StalkeRGB indeed it is easy to wipe a country, there is no big enough country to resist forever the hate of their enemies. Btw, my opinion is just as an average player, political positions aside Wink
Understood, but my opinion is to set all countries and players in game. Now the game is played by few countries in two alliances. Lets each of top 4-5 countries to make own alliance. This is the way to make it tense, im sure.
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