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o, they compain the game is dead for some reason, because, you know, articles.

Shortly, in order to have opportunity to do something meaningful (before it really dies, of course it will, but not now and not because of this - everyone is on holidays, summer FTW) apart from eternal farming, I would like to simply give away all my 577+ gold, but rather than giving it around and away, I prefer to close a fundraising for a single country in need, if any.

Country officials of developing, under-developed small communities and countries in desperation - please provide descri_ption (I hate erev-s parser, really) of how you spend appx. 600 GOLD in a sort of business plan.

I might also need couple individuals in the jury for audit and final decision, please feel free to volunteer, as well as share. 
Also please, do not make me sad by trying to receive everything for your own use, it is disgusting, disappointing and somewhat dirty

Thanks, Uladzimir.


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Noble cause,brother!So since you are giving your gold away,does that mean you are leaving the game?Or you simply want to do something nice?
Boikov, no, I will continue for the second round. I just do not see any point in my money.
give it to the goverment that supported you all this time, give it to the greek goverment
Idea is nice, but activity is better. Use your gold to improve your self, and buy that improve Greece also...
Mr DarkWish, it would be fair, yes. However, Greece is quite powerful and doing very well. I hardly believe Greece desperately needs any of this, no?
We - the United States of America - have created a stable enviroment for our citizens. Recently a huge number of new players joined our country (which IRL has 327M citizens), but still we are long way to achieve some realistic demographics. Our Greek origin CP, dreams of a land ready to serve all needs of its citizens. Therefore every contribution is greatly appreciated , so we can upgrade our industry and provide more arms to our citizens. In case your funding goes to USA , be sure that many players will benefit from this move. Our officials never take part in supply distribution of rest citizens , to ensure their taxes are well returned. If you would like to learn more about our industry network and how your investment would impact the gameplay of at least 50 active players , let me know. Πολλούς χαιρετισμούς , ο Πρόεδρος την ένωσης Ελληνο-Αμερικάνων της Αστόρια.
Sweden and Bolivia seem like countries that survived with several active players. I may miss some, but these are the first I would try.
LSeDation, while you re generally right - I believe that any donation will help USA and active players, I see US in top of the world. They have 2nd place in tournament.
Sell it to someone for rl money , then get rl girl and spend it on her.
radovlije, it is hardly possible to find any sexier girl than my wife.
We, Poland are trying to get independence from Croatia and Bulgaria. We hope to make Baby Boom after the weekend and I ll go for presidency. Additional gold would help us to make some job for new players.
i think Colombia would be the best one, they just get back in active, and a lot of player will go there after the event, i think they need the money the most
i recommend Bolivia because there are active players as a good and small community that survive in the time
Hello, I write as representing UAE, I do not expect you to decide for our country, it is true that we will be great have that gold, but our goal is much more than wealth or battles, it is about respect. From the first day of the game, that October 6, 2018, our country was founded, directed and populated by a group of real-life friends, some left the game, others are in other countries temporarily, some are now joining the game ... Our desire is to change the mentality in this type of games, in which some like me have been living for more than 10 years. Not everything is to win battles, have triple hundred bonus resources, have a lot of damage, or this kind of things that we usually see in these games. For us, the main thing is the community, a group, whether they were friends before they meet in the game or become friends in it. That is why we want to defend a message before the world: THE SMALL COUNTRIES DESERVE RESPECT. It can not be that continually large country very powerful economically and militarily sweep and erase small countries, we have been seeing it for many years ... A small country, such as UAE, deserves the respect of its enemies, because well organized can be annoying, and even of its allies since it can be the most faithful ally. Hopefully, many people read this message, not to give us the gold, we do not expect it, our struggle was not based on this lottery (nor did we know it would exist), but to understand the message, small countries deserve respect. Greetings, and enjoy life wherever you go.
As an achievement that honors the UAE say that it was never erased despite having absolutely superior neighbors.
i agree with RCDE23. As i ex-CP, ex-MoD and ex-MoE of Peru i can say to all small countries that you can improve your situation and grown your power (economy, military and diplomatic) without bonus or a lot of damage. In Peru we are now strong because we understood that this type of games has possibilities more than all normal people believe, thinking other ways. Yes, respect is an important ingredient (the most important) and i aggregate some extra spices to the recipe jijiji.
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