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Fellow Americans,

By the decree of the POTUS on day 233 of eRev2, we are founding National Newspaper whose purpose will be informing the people of our great nation. You are going to find out more about what happens in the State.

The primary goal is to keep the USA citizens in touch with the work of different ministries and the global affairs in which our country is involved.

Editors of national newspapers will be me Shiba Tatsuya as new Minister of Education and world famous writer and player Willy Wonka. Every week you will read about:

1) Work of our Ministers ( Short interviews and reports from every Ministry )

2) Interview with our POTUS

3) Informations about planned reorganizations 

4) Informations about work of alliance ( if we are part of one )

5) Interviews with citizens of USA

6) Informations about state events for citizens

We hope so you will enjoy reading our articles as we will writing them. Lets all together be part of history! Be sure to subscribe so you can follow first hand informations in our state.

The less you know, the more you believe.

P.S. USA Ministry of Education want to employ player with skills in Photo-shop. Salary is weekly in gold,cc or q5 guns. Your application with past works as evidence of your abilities you can send me on pm.

Ministry of Education:

Shiba Tatsuya  and Willy Wonka 



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willy wanker and shiba titsuya save the day
But real question is, who are you?
We need some more oil to fuel the USA democracy machinery
need new waifus