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hello losers

I m here today in front of you guilty of destroying TNT and partially Nova but everything happens for a reason when an alliance even doesn t need coordination and battle orders to win its wars when days no one says a word in its chat it is clear that alliance is too much for this game  and for the sake of the game that we play it must be gone .

now we have old old friends and allies since day 1 of game USA and Bulgaria at each other throat over the tournament and last day / night it has become a total war for them it even excited me so much that I shot my little stock in a battle and started writing these words for you no matter what happens in game I will never forget my friends in Bulgaria who we fought together shoulder by shoulder since day 1 and I hope they understand this is a sacrifice had to be done .

SMP and Nova and ex DS countries now forming new coalitions for testing their mantle in the fields of war BUT never forget this is just a game and we have been friends and will be friends with each other since start of it and till end of it.

P.S.1 nothing will stop me from trolling you hard :P
P.S.2 we want air balloon 
P.S.3 we want tournament again 
signed a former loser


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first lost
Pathetic Bulgarian gov,prefered to win a tournament than helping Georgia defend their capital,or help Romania beat Hungary on their campaign. But thats why they will always be 3rd (After USA and Brazil). Espor and Better look around leading a country, find me a worst gov ,ill wait Laugh
smp o7
Fair play and respect Chris, remember?
o7 bro
Kaveh, I do not know if you know it but I have always had a big respect for USA since you are an outstanding country and I am so happy that we had an opportunity to be together for a long time. Now we may be enemies but the future may unite us again... Who knows? All the best for all of you! Chris, why do you always troll for whatever you see. If you troll someone, the person will troll too and this is leading to a toxic environment. We are here to have fun. USA and BG has been together in many games and I do believe that even we may be enemies, in future we might be united again! We did not have MPP with Romania, also Asmin never mentioned about OH! Or you as well. If someone told me or to someone in BG gov, I strongly do believe that we would have helped!
Ignore my long text, all I want to say is thank you to all fellow USA people who were with us until now! We ain t forget our times together!
Thank you, USA! Thank you friends! You have my respect. Chris, you re just a shit for me.
You have ruined everything by accepting Chris gay squad in your country..pathetic
cCc air balloon cCc
It s okay velev, you are nobody for me. No need to talk about Alexander.. He is butthurted since we were both CPs. Laugh
Dear Bulgarians, you cant put chris on one side and USA on other, so if you like usa you like chris and vice versa
Piki, thanks for your insight.
Kaveh o7