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Buon pomeriggio citizens of the world!

As many of you might remember, the United States and Mexico had an arrangement last month regarding Yucatan, but just as we were about to renew it, the Tournament for the golden mines started. Instead of keeping the original agreement, both our governments decided to cooperate and try to get as many points for each other as possible.
Plan to make USA take all our original regions
Plan to take back the colonies in Colombia and Venezuela

Having also the help of Peru and by giving up all our cores and all regions in Colombia and Venezuela, we managed to do a big plan in just a few hours with the tournament already going on; and luckily, it worked well for all of us since we all three managed to get to the ranks, with the US winning the second place and Peru going just behind. Congratulations to both, go and dig lots of gold!
As for Mexico, we won a place on the table, so we won 100 golds and some bars for all our citizens,
Mexico s fifth place with 14 points

Now it has ended, the US and Mexican government agreed on renewing the arrangement and, as part of the new connection between Pacific Coast and the Pacific Ocean, we agreed to modify the original points so Mexico can use these regions to expand and get new regions!
With that, we are already in talks with Peru to have access to the region of Auckland, so we can try to move around a bit; with this, a lot of options are being explored and who knows, in the future we could go to Australia, Chile or Indonesia!
Connection between Pacific Coast and Auckland

With nothing more to add, and hoping to make more articles in the future, I present you the Treaty between The US and Mexico:

Treaty of Ensenada
The United States of America and Mexico, following mutual interests and looking towards an increased cooperation between both nations have agreed to the following points:

+ Mexico will rent Yucatan to the United States of America.

+ The United States of America will give Mexico 100G in exchange for the region.

+ The United States of America will lend Texas to Mexico.

+ Mexico will lend Baja to the United States of America.

+ Both countries will have a NAP (Non Aggression Pact) during the term of this agreement, having the following conditions:
    Launching direct attacks against each other is forbidden unless both countries agree to it.
    Fighting or raising RWs against the other is forbidden.
    Both countries agree on not contracting mercenaries against the other.
+ This agreement is valid for 30 days starting at day 225 and will automatically renew each month.

+ Both countries can t cancel this agreement while it s active.
Signatures in comments.


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La última vez que publicaste un artículo de renta de regiones terminamos borrados. Espero no vuelva a pasar 🤣🤣
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