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We took only one region from Poland. We are giving all regions alway. It is my job to return all regions without fighting from BG side and this is what are we doing. Bulgaria is not interest in all of these regions at all. By the way have you started a RW in Polish region? Because all countries are claiming their own regions!
Thats a joke
Can I ask you Polish noobs when ever did Romania lie to you? Did we not say we will take your regions and we took them? End what else did we promiss you and did not do? Or you mistakeing the fact that at one point you agreeed to give us willingly 2 regions and after that you changed your mind and fought for them....
@Asmin ?
hello i will take your land for the event but you have nothing to say yo wtf is this BG you are a shame for this game
espor is a shame, not bg
This art is caused by misunderstanding. We just set an agreement between Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland. 3 of Polish regions are going back to Poland, and we agree not to hit against MAT. Hail Bulgaria Hail Croatia Hail Poland Polish CP
who is this with the sun glasses? Trotsky?
I dont see anyone being asked to agree here. This was just purely informational.
Dont worry Poland your time is coming o7