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Bulgaria-Croatia-Poland had a meeting today and reached the following agreement:

1. Poland will claim
Mazovia, Great Poland and Pomerania.

2. Poland will not fight against countries from MAT (March Against Terror).

Countries from MAT (March Against Terror) will not fight against Poland.

4. This Agreement will be 30 days long.

5. It is valid from the day that presidents from Bulgaria, Croatia, and Poland sign this article.

6. This agreement can be extended if all presidents agree to do so.

The agreement will be considered as broken if Poland declares war on any country from MAT (March Against Terror) or countries from MAT (March Against Terror) declare war on Poland. If a given country puts damage against a country that it is included in this agreement, they will be responsible to return the same amount of damage for them or this agreement will not be valid anymore!

Тhis agreement is valid from day 238 until day 268


Akhenaton Setepenra

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Signed by the CP of Bulgaria!
Signed by the CP of Poland
Signed by the CP of Croatia
March Against Trust? What is this?
herisov, it means that your article is not relevant Smile
Signed, Bris, SG
@Espor I know but what is March Against Trust. Or this is just troll