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Greetings citizens of the world,

Today Admins published article in which they announced new quality of the weapons company. More about it you can read here: 
Admin Article .

New company upgrade will cost 520 gold. So starting today Governors of USA will start tax refund for all players who upgrade their companies in our country.

USA Tax Refund

Governors of USA decided to give 90% of tax refund to players who upgrade their companies in USA! Be sure you very carefully read instructions given in google doc which you need to fill in order to meet all conditions for tax refund.

Doc for tax refund:

Dont waste your gold, play smart, get your tax refund today !!!

Ministry of Education:

Shiba Tatsuya



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If you are reading this - You can get 90% tax refund in Greece Good luck Laugh
Make the trip once upgrade and produce in USA with 3x100.
I am smart.
Dont give usa information what u have rised. Also its funny to see 80% when other countries give 90%. Btw ktab its just 0.48 gold to move and u take 10% for that, so i need to spend 48g to be on 0 xD
100% refund in India now be Over Smart and come to india
we should make piko cry, attack Serbia