Jornal da Manhã

Published in Brazil - Social interactions and entertainment - 31 May 2019 17:43 - 16

Dear players, friends, admins...
Getting to know you was an unique experience and I'm very lucky to be part of this.
We've spent amazing moments together and I'm very proud of everything we've done in all those years!
Unfortunately, I'm lacking in time to continue playing eRev in a competitive level, and therefore, there's no point in being another 2-clicks player around here.
I'm definitely leaving game and I am going to donate all my remaining items & companies to whoever asks within 2 days.
Thank you for all this years, friends, rivals, allies... and I hope we can meet again in the future o7
I think I've done a pretty nice farewell, by the way :D

E come dice il grande, it's "time to say goodbye"

Até a próxima,



Comments (16)

Suerte amigo y hay me donas algo jejeje
good luck to real life! byebye
Send me all your gold asap
good luck to real life! o7
Sinto por você deixar o game, mas desejo toda boa sorte na vida real brother. o7
Goodluck my bro. o7
Send me something if you can, and good luck in RL
Good luck, good luck outgame. Smile7
Best luck with your real life! o/
Good luck in RL!
Good luck irl bro, do not send anything to anyone, you never know you might return o7
Gl o7
Good luck in your life my friend, i hope to see you back in the future o7
Good luck in RL. o7 Make love, not war Smile