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Its not to hard xD
poor missions admin
Ok im done, pure waste of resources and gold!!! The purpose of these missions should be beneficial not robbing us and and only gold buyers to be able to pass quests.
@garik I am not a gold buyer and I passed the previous missions... The only hard mission here is the one with the 3 bh medals...
eRevopublik missions P2W Laugh
@Raiden i can pass these quests too, but the resources wich i will spend are 2-3x more than what i ll get.
@GarikTank: nope, you will get back all the resources you have spent, even more. Right now, I have more EDs compare to before mission started.
Yea, only njabs will lose stock on mission xD
Ok seems you are better in maths
Missions are grear you can solve all without losing golds or stocks and rewards are good. You have 40 days to solve all and i think this set of mission compare to last 2 are much easier. I have 0 star and i solved last 2 sets and will solve this with grear stock so stop cry and play game :-)