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I started to write this text to keep informed anybody interested what s up in Poland. We were a country with some issues, so im glad, that now we are quite good and in future we can be even better.

So, we started to rebuilding our country after total wipe out during the event. What s in Poland in that case?

1) We set an agreement with MAT to get Pomerania, Great Poland, and Mazovia from Croatia, and signed Non-Agresion Pact with whole MAT for one month
2) Croatia let us take regions of Łódź, Lublin, Brandenburg and Berlin, Podlaskie and Warmia-Masuria and Sudovia.
3) Somebody liberated Silesia without our permission, so we need to give it back to Croatia.

We also had a contact with some countries. With all countries below we had great contact, and we hope to have even better in future:

Our friends from Hungary asked us for help in liberating some regions in Hungary, unfortunatelly we couldn t manage this. 
We also have some old players back in Poland.

Next days we hope to make situation about Silesia and other regions straight, and make some more deals with Croatia and Finland.


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