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Hello to all readers,

First i am aware that there is a lot of under age kids, so kids, it is preferable for you to skip this article because it contains subjects like betrail your friend, selfishness, greedy countries, broken hearts and some lascivious ladies. 

My last article were deleted, but nerveless, we will continue to Independent auditing of USA moves.  We all know that picture we see is not the real one, and we are always curious to find answers and to find the truth. Why we want to find the truth? Because our responsibility to whole society is fight for fre of speech and fight for truth. My personal problem is that I always defend weak and powerless.

Govedo, I will solve some of your problems!

USA makes moves only in order to protect themselves from foreign enemy. Well this statement is ok, but USA use their ally to protect themselves. USA use their ally as a shield to protect themselves. Outcome of this is that Spain loss all resource, and USA save their own. We will see what will happens with Brazil. But im sure that USA will net let them to have full scale bonuses of wep.

Stop folling around Govedo, and come here!

So having friend like USA can cost you a lot. Yesterday after admins delete my article some Spain citizen approach me and we did a interview. He want to keep his identity private, and i will respect that. So lets begin:

Govedo: Can you tell me something more about Spain community?

Secret Spanish player: 
Spain is great community, with great people and we can together do anything. If you are looking community to join you can come to Spain.

Govedo: This is not marketing article or something like that.

Secret Spanish player: Ok sorry.

Govedo: What can you say about relationship between USA and Spain?

Secret Spanish player: Spain government are afraid of USA players. They can destroy Spain in a matter of days. So they decide to live in USA shadow, and to do whatever USA say.

Govedo: You know that it sounds very stupid?

Secret Spanish player: I know but are leaders are not the sharpest knifes in drawer.

You knotty knotty Govedance!

Govedo: Do you thiy that USA is good ally?

Secret Spanish player: What do you think?

Govedo: Dont ask on my question with another question!

Secret Spanish player: Now you are tell me how can I answer? What are you? USA?

Govedo: So what Spain should do? It is very difficult strategic situation for your people.

Secret Spanish player: Well we will obey to everything USA wants from us, we are not free country anymore.

Govedo: Thank you for your time

Secret Spanish player: No problem.

Thats it for now.

Take care and play smart!

Your truly


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Prve novine na koje bi ga bacao u nesvjest!! HAHAHAHA
Ali tajni španski igrač/genijalno
xD wtf
Ako ova treca na slici nije andzeo e nezz onda
Impartially and objectively written
Intervju sa samim sobom. Opravdao nickname Govedo. 10/10
I can sense some serious racism here. You defend week as you say, but what about months and years???? Rasist detected
Damn, i guess i will start making interviews from Unkown Serbians as well Laugh seems very trustworthy and profitable trying to divide 2 countries that have been together for months Cheeky
What is this shit ? Laugh
this is amazing thanks Laugh write more like this, i want to laugh more
hahahah 13 years playing the game Laugh
please present facts and we can believe you
Eden Propaganda
@safer, please find some unknown serb to tell us how dafuk they managed to make deal for CRO region that cut all cro bonuses
Govedo, just saying, posting a bunch of booty milfs makes an otherwise serious article look like useless annoying trash. Stick to the point with your thoughts, not your, emm, stick.
So, a Secret Serbian (whos identity is not to revealed) told me that Serbians are most selfish allies and they only put damage when their bonuses are threatened. Oh and he also told that Serbians get butthurt easily and then resort to shit strategies. I dunno, he may be right. :thinking:
Diesel 😭
Shame on murica
hahaha pun pogodag,trolovanje nasih igraca bas i ne ide tako lako,ali trolovati drzavu.... koja je puna onih koji nisu na to navikli e to je vec pun pogodak Laugh
Democracy is approaching, have no fear. We will drink sangria with our spanish brothers at Belgrade soon
With yours Spanish slaves, you mean ? Laugh
Of course this is the only meaning of the word brother a serbian could have. Take a look at your SA ΄brothers΄and how you betrayed them. The only slaves in the equation will be you wil
Yes, you can come to Belgrade , but Serbia will never become slave contry like Spain ...
No Serbia is already slaves of Bulgaria, how many masters to serve πχια?
But Bulgaria gave as the region so we can get 100% wep bonus, how we can be slaves of Bulgaria then? Laugh Говедо на овог се савршено односи она твоја пословица да није баш најбистрији поток у планини Laugh
Αφου ρε μπαγλαμα την ελευθερωσαν με rw τι λες τωρα?
որ սերբերը ստրուկներ չեն, ինչպիսիք են Իսպանիան.
το πουλο, οταν μιλας μαζι μου θα μιλας αγγλικα αλλιως μορντορ να τελειωνουμε. γκε γκε?
Who said that I m talking to you when I wrote in Serbian? Laugh
լավ է գրել օգտագործելով հայկական այբուբենը; Laugh