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Hello,this is my second article,I will try to make more interesting articles in the future,because at the moment I don t  have enough experience to make political statements.
At first I m really excited on this game,there are so many generous people who are helping me to upgrade my skills.
I m from Georgia and my Georgian brothers explained me everything.
We are ready to make good alliance with strong countries.
Here s my little advice ..... make friends not enemies.


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He is my refferal ❤️ I am proud
ახალი აქაუნთი გააკეთე და დიაწყე იმით თამაში, მოგცემ რეკომენდაციებს და ფინანსურად დაგეხმარები, ვისურვებ რომ ჩემი რეფერალი გერქვას
If we make friends then it will turn into Farmville, making enemies keep the game a war game. D: