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Tazohenry s real name is Tazo, for me A little Tazuna. 
Tazo is 17 years old. 
He Was born in Sagarejo (kakheti, Georgia)
He is schoolboy 
His future profession will be solider intelligence. 
He joined in game 6.oct.2018. 
About his hobby: 
He like card games and football. 
He allways say, that he love when hi is winner. 
His lovely hobby is eat, when he watch TV movies.  
He also like Computer Games about War of Nation 2. 
He allways listen musics 24/7. I think he like all music. Buy he say, that his lovely Music groups is Ac-Dc, Nirvana, Scorpions and Ramstein. 

That s all. 

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the biggest njab in the game
Zegzi boy ❤😀😀
Tamaaaaaaz iii loveee youuuuuu❤❤❤❤❤
მეც დავწერ და გადამითარგმნე რა Smile
თაზოო, გოგო რომ ვიყო ნომერს ხო მომცემდი?
This is not fb
@Guepo k captain obvious
Just create FB and make some friends Laugh