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If you live in a country that is small,
and you are loyal for true
USA will give you a call
to dance like they want from you

If you grow community in you country you will be ex
To have bonus on weapon full
Orders for Spain players is to work in USA and pay tax
It is forbidden, that is USA rule

Do you have any orders for me Govedo?

To dance like USA government play
Spain listen what i have to say
You will become homeless like dog stray
After USA finish, you will be able only to pray

Dear Spain you must do what USA want
USA will make you to please
Or they will open on you land new front
Fre for you Spain will be frieze

I can make you please Govedo!

Soon USA will betray you Spain, and tears will be all over the floor,
You will be used from now even more
Dont try to knock, USA will not open their door
Serbia will attack your regions core

Day by day you will experience all your fears
Govedo like to drink USA and Spain tears,
Please admins punish Govedo, make him stop
Govedo is hot hot hot
Oh dont stop Govedo!


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Comments (22)

That is pure poetry 😊
Brate dirnuo si me
Dirneš ti mene po bobanu!
U R No. 1
Goveda sme i gazim
We will bring democracy and polish your sense of humour also
Its time for Communism to die.. Beaware Serbian friends, Winter is coming...
Let me pay since you are out of cc serbia :/
The biggest communists today are in usa the liberals.
Hahahahaha, kraljevski, nema šta. o7
Ime ove zadnje buraz
Now write a song about how good ally bulgaria is for serbia... Oh wait.. lmao
That article has a small point actually... after nukes on occitanie, we have turned the region uninhabited even for the new owners, French. We are lousy allies Sad
never go full Govedo !!!
SERBIA IS NOT ALONE! Peru stronk! Peru is not just another country from the backyard of usa. A new CP is coming, no more concessions with the devil :v
ahahah ova u šeširu odmah u Češku Laugh
Journalisam Laugh
Most countries left MAT yesterday cuz u lost in all fronts, and most of ur countries didn t had the proper help. We all saw that MATs organization was more poor than ur propaganda skills Laugh