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Greetings citizens of erev and Croatia,

In the name of our Lord Motorina i am to inform you that Croatia isnt part of MAT Alliance starting today.

Our great Lord Motorina, King of Croatia, Germany and Austria after short meeting with Government of Croatia decided to leave MAT.

In last days we did have some hard battles and Croatia wasnt satisfied with organization of alliance and help we received in those battles.

We thank everyone who fought for CRO in this hard days. Croatia salute you o7
So from today Croatia declare Neutrality and will stop all hostile actions against SMP or MAT also we are open for diplomatic relations with everyone who approach us.

MoFA Republike Hrvatske


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Hail motorina !
Good choice o7 and good luck Laugh Winter is coming...
Thanks for all! Croatia o7
Bueno, todo se fue al carajo muy rápido. Tampoco es como si fuera novedad jsjsjsjs
Good luck o7
burek sa shirom je shirnica
I m a simple man I see Shiroe I vote
samo jako o7
better late than never Laugh good decision o7
prpa uhvatila Laugh
Hrvatska do Tokija o/
amater Laugh
good luck Croatia, the DW is already been asked to down-vote
s49 v28