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hello dear losers

I will keep this short as always

many days has passed since I wrote my first article regarding this war.

as expected this world war was close and full of good battles , I wanna congrat both losing and winning side ,
personally this world war was the war I enjoyed the most.

as captain of Panzer MU , I wanna thank all of our soldiers for their extraordinary performance, if it wasn t for them we couldn t win this war, either USA soldiers or foreigners who joined our MU server.

also as vSC of SMP I wanna thank HQ of alliance for their planning and organizing skills , which caused us to be one step ahead of our rivals always.

and in the end , I wanna thank our rivals who fought against us and made this game interesting for every one.

who knows maybe next time you will be winners 

kind regards 



CrazyGreekEl XazoGR

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first was winner
I would like to thank the treasurer of the alliance, without whom none of this would have been possible. 😉
Ez win
I would like to thank the usa governor, without whom none of this would have been possible. D:
war is continue
No Nudes No Vote Laugh
I want to thank Commander of jagers who leads battles to victory Hail Terrorist o7 Hail-Jager BoBol Rising © SMB™ Panzer o7 BB o7 SMP o7
I wanna thank PortgasAce for thanking Terrorist in every article he can D:
I wanna thank the Commander of Roosters who leads great op to catch the victory for France with of course the great help of ally !S MP o7 ! Roosters o7 ! Panzer o7 ! All others o7 !