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I just wanted to say hello losers

and let you know journalism in erev 2 is dead if you dont know already :D

I m sorry I feel I killed some part of it by reporting articles about real life

but people should know as one of my friends said this is a game simulator not real for example I m from Iran and in real life we are bitter enemies with USA

now I m playing for USA in erev so what s the point if I bring up all real life problems between 2 respectful countries into game ,other than bothering people

who like to play a game and have fun

kind regards 

a loser 




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first died
ylei esa
aravis gadaugunoi
No Nudes Bo vote Laugh
hail kaveh smp, the father of journalism
That s your pussy. No matter ..   Let s leave Georgia
What am I going to write It s my job. The stick
I m stoned
Shut up man🖕🖕🖕
Kaveh kaveh Laugh Laugh
Resources over patriotism
This is game, leave rl problems outside.
Kaveh again my opinion he is angry because he is not real patriot of his country and he know that we Geoegians allways respect our country our nation an we are proud for this.. Guys.. my ppl my friends dont insult him. Dont pay attention for this provocator
Al fin alguien con un poco de cordura.
am chem yles mutelo
tu chveni realuri ambebi ar moswons gaiketos ukan tavis ambebi
all due respect Kvii who gives a duck about Georgia?
kaveh if you don t want to see our newspapers, give in to georgia and georgians. it is not your job. it s our and you cant forbide this
Why u bombed usa military drones ?? 🤣🤣 loosers
haha what an idiot