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I write this as regular citizen that is not involved on any political position, which makes the deed of the mentioned gentlemen even worse. In ChrisGeoRM’s article I saw the mention of Bulgaria in a dishonest way. It states that the negotiations between Bulgaria and USA failed. On first place there were no negotiations, and if they failed it’s because the complete lack of dialogue from US’ side.

After the turbulence in MAT, Bulgaria went neutral. As such country we approached USA with an offer that will formalize our neutrality with them and/or SMP as whole.

As someone that was in USA council for the government until recently, I sent a message to Ktab in Discord to organize a meeting. He accepted the talk proposal by Bulgaria with the condition of my participation, because of the recent tensions between the past government of Bulgaria, USA and our old alliance in general.

We created a chat group with me, Itso (BG-CP), Deflection (BG-MoFA), Ktab (USA-CP) and Safer (SMP-SC and member of US Council) – who didn’t take any participation in the discussion of the terms, neither in this chat group, neither in alliance meeting afterwards.

Our offer was:

1. Bulgaria won’t take sides of MAT or SMP in any conflict.
2. Bulgaria and SMP make agreement for non-agression
3. In case of unorganized damage against USA/SMP, Bulgaria was ready so sign the needed MPP to block that damage.

Ktab found the offer reasonable and good for both sides as CP and said he will put it in discussion with the government. They day after we were told we should hold a meeting with SMP HQ to talk about it, which we agreed.

When the meeting started, an issue was brought up – Saudi Arabia war.

Multiple times, during the meeting with SMP and the meetings prior, we let the other side know that we don’t have incentive to keep Saudi Arabia under occupation. Offers for peace were sent to them prior that. Saudi Arabia refused all of them, even tho it would give them white peace and possibility to regain back some territories that it held back – no reparations or compensations of any sort.

What is the relation of Saudi Arabia and USA?

The cooperation with SA was established after dissolution of Nova to help Saudi Arabia to kick Bulgaria off their territories. I was in the US council at that moment. It was made clear that Saudi Arabia won’t become a member of SMP or an important ally of USA as there was some tension about it regarding the general game behavior of the country and the toxic attitude of its leaders and of course the proven inability to work in organized manner with them – multiple times. It was something explicitly confirmed by ChrisGeoRM as intention for the operation.

USA didn’t make any counter offer to ours

Based on the aforementioned details, it’s logical that now when we are ready to drop the conflict, in which by the way USA and Bulgaria fought together at start and have equal responsibility for, there should be no problem to stop it. There is nothing more to win for BG, USA or SA. Either the inability of the US government to reason with SA, or the need of vengeance ChrisGeoRm and possibly of some other members of US gov feel, US couldn’t provide a terms under which to make our agreement regarding SA.

The participation from SMP side was mainly Chris, who is in the MoD team of USA and shouldn’t have the permission to represent neither the alliance, neither the country USA as there was presence of other people of higher rank and with higher ability to handle the situation correctly. This is not something that surprises me, as ChrisGeoRM doesn’t do this for the first time – he has the authority to move the country at his own agenda without the needed ranks to do so and for some reason the whole council of USA and even ktab as SC close their eyes in front of. Let’s say that this is internal matter of SMP and USA and discredit as argument. The remaining participation of ktab was not the main moving force of negotiations and there were some other people that were totally irrelevant to the subject of the discussion.

We could clearly see that there was no effort from the side of USA to make some sort of agreement with Bulgaria, even tho multiple times in the public was stated that USA will negotiate for deals with former MAT countries. It is perfectly normal for USA to want to be enemy with Bulgaria and destroy it. Actually it would be, if in the public ChrisGeoRM was not pushing dishonest statements about will to solve the issues an then lie multiple times that we left and didn’t negotiate. Yes we did leave the talks, but after we saw that there is nothing to work towards for.

I am really sad to see USA failing hostage to the personal interests and feelings of ChrisGeoRM. I can’t be sure what the reason for that is – material, military-wise because he controls the ex-OFC damage in multiple countries, or something else. This is for someone else to answer. But at the end, if you are not willing to negotiate, that’s fine, just don’t lie and take your responsibility instead of maneuvering with twisted facts and propaganda.


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ChrisGeoRM is bad boi, bad bad boi. D:
1k golds and we have deal Cheeky
Illuminati confirmed Laugh
Dani spying on US gov, nothing new there. Smile
There is not even a slight bit of spying in all of this.
nothing too bad
Regarding the memo of discussions and timelines, i confirm everything with the note that I talked about SA in our group and the possibility of peace after you presented the terms. If approached by someone else rather than you. Cause if SA wanted to continue I knew that we could not fulfill terms requested. SA helped max at war against MAT and could not be left behind in any case. Also I am not SC. Also alliance is not USA, alliance is all members of SMP. Last but not least chris is just a person in usa council and alliance HQ. He has his positions there that is far from leading in both cases.
Ktab i wouldn t hold my breath in to the last part my friend.. your age blinds you baby
Negotiations of BG fail, Chris is behind this. USA gets fish from Georgia, CHRIS is behind this. BG-USA relations are broken, Chris is behind this. Etc etc. So in ur eyes I m a jew who is ruling the eWorld behind the scenes. It s good to blame others and use excuses, in order to cover your mistakes. It s the easy way.. We see it very often in real life from uneducated ppl... But anyways, that s what you are after all.. As for the Chris need of vengeance, vengeance about what? Have BG ever beat my side on anything? I don t think so.. Dander, I didn t thought that u can be so easily manipulated.. Before u leave USA u said that u want to give a lesson to BG, cuz deflection made u mad. Now u are friends again and u became his puppet. How low rly.. Anyways.. You can continue the poor propaganda, cuz thats what it is, and be famous for 2 mins... My article says that USA and BG failed to negotiate, and ur article (besides all the illuminati theories) describes some negotiations that failed. Have a nice life pals.. I rly wish u to have, but I doubt it.. Keep using other ppl avatars, and blame others for ur mistakes. I bet u do the same in ur lives.. Cya
Chirs was, is and will never be just just a person in USA council and alliance HQ. He is one fag fag fag fag fag that moves the intertion of US in the way he wants to.
The part that you people underestimate me served me well all this time. The common thought is simple. He s a tank he cannot lead he cannot into tactics and strategical planning. Pas mal.
Actually Chris if what he said is accurate and correct ( the way things occurred at least and what was said) then its not propaganda its the truth, as i see Ktab confirmed most of those stuff so they are the truth, the truth of a bunch of people that where betrayed and this is their only way to show the world some peoples true face...
It s not betryal as USA and BG don t have actual obligations towards each other. The problems is that you can t go around busting your balls how big of warrior you are, how you serve justice and you are the shit, and then go and spread some cheap lies around to discredit someone that approached you in serious way to do business - without actual reason to do so. Just to feed his ego.
Confirmed the timelines and talks, not the speculations that articles ends with. For your info all countries did not want the terms Bg proposed. Not just chris, who is only SoPR at alliance. I might have been the only person in HQ that could see a chance of peace if SA agreed to end war. And only in this case. This is why i mentioned also in our private talks to BG before alliance meeting.
well the betrayal part i am referring to all the BG players like you that where in Panzers. to me MU friendships go far beyond the ones from inside the countries, the MU bond is serious its a brotherhood that should be respected and never be broken, all true traitors should be dealt accordingly Laugh
Poor bulgaria Smile
Negotiations failed I said, and didn t analyzed it cuz I didn t had to. It s not my job to do it. I said the truth without details. It s propaganda against my name since half of the article talks about theories that I rule behind the scenes... Timelines and talks are correct. Half of the articles context is just theories.
It would be just theories if I was not part of the council to see it all for myself.
Mr DarkWish we NEVER considered the people that left as traitors. Cause people tend to have strong bounds with their rl origin, not everybody can play like the hard core of panzer: team above any country. So this is not accurate, they are still friends of ours, they passed through team and helped max while they were there.
well i was talking mainly for the timelines and talks, i leave the speculations for the real journalists that like to speculate and put fear in to people for no reason Cheeky
and again συ είπας, i never said they are traitors or that they should be considered, i just said that traitors do exist, traitors can take many faces as also betrayal has many forms, but i still do find amusing this hole sh!t here i mean its a boring game but when those things occur its fun to see people argue for no apparent issue. Cheeky
΄well the betrayal part i am referring to all the BG players like you that where in Panzers΄🤔
There is issue - displaying on thing in public, doing a second thing behind the scenes where public can t see anything, and after that doing a third thing to make gains from your malicious behavior. And again I say, that Bulgaria entered these negotiations treating USA with respect and we could take a no for answer, like we will. But only if it is without the unacceptable actions towards the name of our country which happened multiple times.
actually dani boy here i need to defend ktab, sh!t never happen n public Cheeky but i do believe you need to claim your rightful place as head of panzers Laugh
I don t say things should happen in public, my problems is that in public things are represented in a malicious way that hurts the name of Bulgaria without any reason to do so. Bulgaria did many mistakes and took responsiblity for them one way or another. This time, there is nothing wrong we did, so it s a problem for me when some fag misleads the public to think otherwise.
Its obvious that BG has internal problems once again.. I said negotiations failed,so they try to show their ppl that negotiations didnt failed from their side. And i dont say the opposite, they just do all these things,and try to blame others,just to keep their ppl calm. We all know that BG isnt a healthy community,it can be compared to Greek one (when all Greeks are there). I was in BG and i was also in Greece,so i could see it that ppl struggle to stay united there Laugh
well chris even if negotiations failed 1st you don t have to announce it in an article unless you try to be shown as a diplomat, 2nd usually they tend ti fail from one side, because one side asked for something more or the other didn t accept something less, it depends on the point of view actually, dani boy keep calm and restore your country ( preferable from an old backup southing that s is not broken Cheeky )
BG community is the most united it can be since the incident with the tournament, the operation of which you lead yourself and happened on your initiative. Even blood enemies in Bulgaria will work together to see you go down, because you have many sins towards the Bulgarian community. Also it seems you got pretty butthurt when some time ago in US council I told you that no Bulgarian will ever consider you as ally. Shortly after which the incident hitting of exOFC members against Bulgaria happened as a mean to make the relations escalate.
Putin is behind all of this -_-
Sorry but BG show me day by day how small it is, so me as Chris,will never be butthurted for anything ur country do. Im just having fun with everything you say and do Laugh If you rly think that any of this make me upset,then you have a problem. Its a game,who fuckin cares what you say about,or what i say about you. Your side is the one who targets one person,cuz of his words and actions. So consider who is the butthurted,and who is just having fun Laugh
I am not targetting you with anything other than fag, which you are. I just felt the need to make cleare that Bulgaria was humble during the failed non exsisting negotiations.
Truth is Bulgarians are united.Truth is our community consist mainly of real-life Bulgarian people.Bulgaria has all its power because its people are united behind their true flag.From the beginning of the game, USA and Bulgaria were more than allies, friends, they tried to separate us many times and we refused. Sadly we let some people from both sides rule the countries and destroy what was harder to destroy than diamond. We never wanted a war. It is that stupid event that caused this escalation. Now ask yourself who is the one who will most benefit to see USA and Bulgaria separated.Where was SA when the USA was half destroyed and Spain complete. Ask yourself who lost many battles to help its brothers.I left my country because I haven t felt coming to the USA as going to a foreign place. I felt it like the same as I am in my own home. No matter the flag next to my name. Somebody has the interest to see us separated.Open your eyes to see the truth.Danider felt the need to give you a clue. He was in the US gov first and saw everything first hand. We know each other for more than half a year in this game, we know each other from previous games too. Really look carefully and see who has won much from separating us. Was it SA? Nope, they were destroyed, was it Croatia then? Nope neither they. Was it Serbia? Nope... Was it a specific person or group of persons... aaa there it is.Do you feel it? When the USA and Bulgaria are together we can t lose a war.Brazil had give up on us. They were crying for peace.For a NAP. Who was leading the meetings back then? Also, all who was there, do you remember what was said, what was promised? Was Bulgaria ever on his knees to ask for peace? Tell me, you all were there back then. Ever you heard of Bulgarian government asking for peace?We asked the USA now for peace because we consider them our brothers.To our true enemies, we never will do that.Never even if we will be wiped out forever and lose all.Do you know the word honor?I said.
It s something in Bulgarian air I guess Laugh
You can no longer hide behind us?
Dont worry.... SA BH war is not over
I don t know who this guy Chris is, but he is too noisy. Buzz off, smartass.
Anyway, we now know that chrisgeorom has RL problem with our country and that s why he s insulting us and behaving the way he is. But s it s ok, now we know the kind of person he is, i just thought he was a little bit better than that Wink
My god same old faces same old problems, old fa* and young per* + Cris, how about you gays take a room 3some sounds great, if you 3 play nice I may come to join you, love ya mr.proper xD
i didnt care to read all the comments, but just wana say something, the statement that the negotiations failed is still true, what is the counter to this statment? negociations were sucessfull, it didnt happened, duno why all the drama over a sentance that has a clear intent, report that nap negotiations failed, for whatever reason
btw danider i was the main voice to saying a big fat no to BG deal Laugh
This would be valid, if Chris wasn t lying about it and telling different stuff than that in the game shouts, which you may missed, Marci. Like I said above, there are no obligations between USA and BG as far as pure gameplay. The problem is not your answer of no, even tho it s quite debatable why would USA do it, but that is something that doesn t concern the rest of SMP countries and they can t be hold responsible about it. Even if the puppeteer is the same for all.
We want to see screen shots for proof
I didn t join any of these chats with the intention to take screenshots, so I don t have any. I didn t took screenshots of US gov chat either for obvious reasons.
my opinion is my own and you know that no one controls me, and i declared my opinion as MC and CP of Portugal
Why would usa say no to bg? Cause what is up to do if we say yes? Farmville ? Both sides will be bored as fuck
Dreth, the matter is not that you had to say yes. It s about how the whole situation was interpreted by Chris and how the negotiations had to look like negotiations from your side, but without any proposal about anything.
J ai pas lu et arrêté de boost l article avec tes multis
Finally a bit of drama D:
Stop that drama and fck this situation! Dont care about them, let them sing their song, they will dig their graves soon
Hmm. Looks like BG wants peace but USA don t. Simple as that. Also ChrisGeoRM is bad.
i guess we needed a enemy Cheeky