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Hello friends!!! 
There is a week before the elections of presidency. 
I and Tazohenry are Candidates of presidency. 
We are not enemies for eachother. Tazohenry is my little friend in Game but now we are proposed from different political parties. 
First of all, I want to wish good luck to Tazohenry. 
If I will be president of Georgia, I will be ready to negotiate with other countries to determine the common interests of our countries, Because it is very important for good international political and diplomatic relations.  
I am ready to declare basic diplomatic relations with all countries and start a friendly relationship in case of common interests. But I would like to note that the negotiations against my country s interests will not be successful. The priority for me is the success of my country. 

Thank you all, who read my article and I wish good luck candidates of presidency of all countries!!!!



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