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Citizens of the United States of America, 

5th of July is approaching very fast and because of that we do not have too much time in front of us to present to you our Government team that will try to win elections and earn your trust one more time.  For the next month, our team will stay pretty much the same without some major changes but only some minor rotations within the team.  Considering the fact that the most of you already know most of us, I will not waste your time with some special details about the players but I will say a few words about our team s goals for the next 30 days.

In the Government team for the month of July there will be : 


In the next 30 days our Country President will be Kaveh, only if you decide to give him enough votes of course. Kaveh decided to put most of the weight on his shoulders and to lead our team. He proved himself to be ready for this challenge and we all believe that he will keep the great job as the people before him.  He will be the one  who will take ALL  the responsibility for ALL  the actions Government will take.  Of course there is  no doubt that his intentions will always be in favor of our Citizens and our Country. 


He will be here when Kaveh is not. And his job is mostly the same as CP s.  When situation is hard and need to be solved in a very short period of time but  Kaveh is prevented to be here and make a decision he will be the one who needs to take responsibility and without waiting for a CP s decision make his own. 


The only lady in our team will be responsible for coordination of our team, and in charge of Congress. Not only that but She will be in charge of our IA team that will closely go trough every Citizenship request and together with the rest of the team make a decision about your s request des .  Right hand of our CP. 


He and his team ( EddieA and Cowsmosak ) will control our MPPs and important dates. They will represent our Country in the World and will be responsible for communication with not only allies and friends but enemies as well. They will try to make a new alliances wherever is that possible and to keep the old ones. Also their team will take care of laws and will make a strong bond with our MoD team in order to act as fastest as they can when the situations require  such a thing. 


He will be in charge of every Military move of our Country in the next 30 days, together with his team
ChrisGeoRM and Safer ). Based on the previous  months there is no doubt that those guys will keep up the great work and secure our bonuses. Not only that but keep our Country at the very TOP of all the countries in the World. 


Same guy one more time. The man who understand everything he needs to be a successful governor. Even without some help.  And with such a man in the team we are not afraid of any unwanted scenarios with our Monetary Market despite the  constant attacks. He will not let enemies to destabilize our MM and will make sure that every player who wants to work in USA can. And of course one of his major goals is to make a profit for our Country and its citizens. 

Willy Wonka 

It is my pleasure to be part of this team, and to have opportunity to write this article. My job as people already know will be to inform you about everything important related to our Community. You will not miss a thing you can be sure. Your right is to know everything that is going on in your Country and it will stay like that.

At last, Thank you all for reading and I hope we proved ourselves to be a good team for you, and you will vote for us one more time at the next elections. 
Be sure we will not let you down. 

Minister of Public Relations of the United States of America

Willy Wonka 



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