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I m writing this article as Argentinian RL. Perhaps in your country you take notice of this football match.

You can watch the incidents of the match, maybe you can say there was a penalty or two that was omitted.

The shame is our. Not for the match, errors can happen.

Our Football Association is a complete disorder with members that don t miss a single minute in thinking on, only wanting to earn money in salaries and journeys. They want the photo with the real stars.

A Manager, that was the second assistant of the last one, and never have in charge a team.

The shame, wasn t the match. Our national team and the members of our Association are.

The president of our Association, send a letter to the Confederation accusing of our fail to Brasil CP (Bolsonaro).  It s to cry

We can t blame our inability


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Thats what happens when you dont put Icardi in your team Laugh
the brutal truth
Mil gols, mil gols, mil gols, mil gols mil goools, só Peleee, só Peleee, Maradona cheirador!!!!
Econarantes, Dona Simento Pele, king od foodbool for all the times Wink
Hail Dybala
LOL LOL When conmebol helps Arg teams . they re good . fair , justice . LOL VAR Helps a lot Boca juniors and River on Libertadores, 2018. Or do you forget that my liltle kid ? Did you know Who s Julio Grondona adn all of crimes he doing ? Smile In brasil se dice pimienta en los ojos de otros, a mi no pasa nadie . Such a kidbou . Born on 2000+ ... all southamerican teams have been injuried in duels against Arg teams and nobody says anything. They lost in the field and it was over. Such hypocrisy
de acuerdo a la talla del rival, favorecieron a Argentina contra Paraguay, y a Brasil contra Argentina xD
@Nicolai The trouble was NOT the match!!!! The trouble is an Association with no leadership and the manager.