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GL guys o7
Dont cry! we try the friendly way ... you take the war. Good luck
@Harisharko when you pm us and say give 3-4 areas , no pay everything and only say yes or no ... its means try to be friendly? Smile only shut up .. its better than say fucking words
@Haris which friendly way??? Insulting ppl is not friendly way in our culture I don’t know what it means in your culture... U want war and we accept it bc we never let u pass from Iran without Fight. We choose bulgaria as respectfull country not SA as Insulter country.
@Harisharko we talked with each other for at least 12 hours and I try solve this problem friendly between 2 countries and gave you some suggestion; but you reject them and select its not friendly and be sure may be Iran wiped (note: may be); but dont forget Iran will suffer you and will kill SA with many wars in future sure you cant go for other Asian countries from know me well and know this I am always hold on my sure you will be loser at this warsLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughKissKissKiss
We will see .. good luck
Haris haris 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
@Harisharko shut up
Friendly way he says, lmfao, haris, u are all noobs dude Laugh Laugh
Dont do it, they will kill you with crying and screeching in shouts and flood your national press with troll articles to cover their insecurities.
Hi. First of all, as I told to godfather I m away from my rl country without internet, my acc is being used by sitter . Well, we not broked nothing, we are not started any rw, it s more, I can saw the rw on western Iran and nobody of sa fought, only Iranians and Georgians... my government it s totally stopped waiting for a meeting when I will come back to my country, uae it s not doing any OH and it s not spending national weapons or gold of country tresaury. As I spoke with haris and godfather, I only know sa want to croos to Asia, not delete Iran , only cross and give back the regions, not stay in Iran. I know too about the intentions of Iran to create a Middle East aliance, I told before and I repeat this is a good moment to work in it. Well, but for be allies, a country can t tell as first word always GOLD, no... 100 g for two duplicated bonus to uae, now how much cost in gold for sa is only croos for two regions of Iran? Ofc for uae friends cross per uae regions it s free... and for finish: Iran suspends the nap, why? What we did? Not fight against sa? It s not true I wrote to godfather to inform about haris intentions to go to Asia crossing Iran? And what happens with the 100 of the rent? Thinking well, the first nap proposal was with other regions, Iran was who selected this two border regions with sa , maybe thinking in this situation to suspend or to broke the nap?? Ofc uae will stay neutral in this war, we have a nap with Iran ( we are not suspending for nothing) and we have a strong friendship with our brothers of SA. Next week I will have a meeting with all parts and with my gov, and we will decide, but ofc we will not suspend a nap for nothing without speak with the other part.
@RCDE23 we gave you 2 region by deal and you rent it from its clear that you cant give this region to other countries and not defeat this region.........If SA want go for Asia why attacked southwestern of IRAN? whats their guarantee that leave these region after taking it? from these region they want go for where? Asia or Europe? its the farthest way to Asia.....also if SA want go for Asia....must fight against Iran in Pakistan and India regions (IRAN bonuses)......haris , Salah and Bosnia soldier dont know anything and just want war and we know what to do with them with normal players that we have in our country....we will give good lesson to this Visa players that they will never forget itLaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh
@RCDE23 everything is clear in my letter and your answer , you are saying that you let SA to attack Iran . so you break NAP. but we would like to continue our NAP. we are not worry about your golds , we worry about our words. when SA go home we can talk about every thing again.
I don t want an war between Iran an sa, I repeat that every day 😅 I believe it s posible to do all without battles.. I m really out of the game, next week I will look well all, maybe u got reason and I m wrong, I only know what my ppl tell me...
I don t want an war between Iran an sa, I repeat that every day 😅 I believe it s posible to do all without battles.. I m really out of the game, next week I will look well all, maybe u got reason and I m wrong, I only know what my ppl tell me...
@godfather I say I leave sa take 1 of our regions, nothing more. Idk if u have an agreement or not with sa, nobody tell me nothing. In fact first new for me was when the battle was over 😅
if UAE start the war we will wipe them
@RCDE23 agreement with SA? 🤣 we are enemy from day 1 , i want peace in our area. you was a reasonable person so we talk and give best results for our countries political. war is last option for me. your SA friends have insolence. so we will fight to the last drop of blood.
This whole thing is so funny lol
First we want just to cross ! Now we take all regions because your stupid answers
@haris don’t lie, at the first u want 2 regions and keep them without payment. U are not our friends and we don’t allow noobs to be our friends. Buying Gold and Eb don’t change your character. You are plenty of empty