Shilling for Shillings

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SMP Headquarters
Day: 275
Date: 7th July 2019
Subject: New Elections and HQ

Hello, Ladies, Gents and inbetweens,
This game has many mechanics, some good, some bad but we arent here to discuss that. One of the mechanics is the elections. Every Month, elections happens in which we appoint people in positions of power. Sometimes those elections are pre planned, sometimes not. One of those elections is the Country President elections which are coupled with one election that is of our own making but not a game mechanic, that elections is the Alliance HQ elections. 

Yesterday on 6th of July, the representatives of the countries of USA, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and France sat together to elect a person that will lead the alliance SMP to new phase, a new month and also the HQ that will help him through the Process. 

The result of the elections are as follows: 

SC: ChrisGeoRM

Well, there s nothing to say about him apart from the fact that he is a fag and he uses his mothers VISA to buy golds. And he also happens to have a lot of Bulgarian fans. Oh and he is also the secret mastermind of this game who runs the game in shadow and boyfriend of Tovar Dante and uses Tovar to influence the game. Bad boi, Bad Bad boi.

vSC: DrethGar

Very aggressive, as seen in his avatar above, he screams a lot. You dont wanna get on his bad side. He is also the Commander of the MU known as Panzers. He is good friend of Satanas and I have seen Satanas a lot of times saying that he would never betray Dreth. 

MC: Marcial

Marcial is hands down one of the best Military Strategist I have seen in this whole game, the man deserves some respect. He is also the Country President of Portugal and one of the lively member of our alliance. The team helping him is as follows: 

1) Ktab
2) Governador
3) Megabalde

Treasurer: Duque de Satangelo

I dunno much about this guy apart from the fact that he is a Spaniard and that he pings everyone once a week to ask for weekly alliance fee. If someone doesnt pay, he keeps on pinging once every day until the dues are paid. And he has been treasurer since start of alliance and last alliance.

SoFA: Jafar

He is an Arabian, he has huge beard and he looks like a terrorist. Also known as Safer in some circles. Not much else can be said bout him. He conceal himself well, good terrorist training he has got.

SoPR: Diesel

Yours truly. 

Kaveh, Evans, 
Nielton, Fraisquet

Well, thats it for today folks. Stay tuned, there are some real spicy and drama news coming up soon.

Yours Truly,

Hail Jager-BoBol Rising© SMP™ o7o7o7 


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Jafar..... XDDDD
LaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh JAFAR LaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh
Hail Jager-BoBol Rising© SMP™ o7o7o7
Hail Jager-BoBol Rising© SMP™ o7o7o7
Hail Jager-BoBol Rising© SMP™ o7o7o7
шайка палячовци
spox +1
no chicken no vote
ChrisGeoRM seems actually pretty accurate Laugh Oh, and Marcial still having OFC in avatar is quite funny. Didn t we all have quest to change our avatars anyway? ;P
In Jafar, we hope. In jafar, we pray. Long live the Arabian king Jafar.
Same fucking hq again and again
I wasnt in the HQ last time, Gaypo. D:
Hail Jager-BoBol Rising© SMP™ o7o7o7
loser never go for anywhere.....they will still at home and just defeat:X