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When it comes to War every single one of us is involved. 
No matter if we  want to be part of it or not, war is something that cruelly pulls us in it without a question.  
You can t avoid it. 
You can try to run, hide, escape it and try to save your own life, but still you are affected by the war. 
Those who decide to stand their ground and fight for whatever their personal reasons are, most of the times are considered as a heroes. 

There are many important things we all need to win.
Good leadership. People who know what they are doing and people who are capable of making big decisions and taking responsibilities. 
Big army. But brave army full of professional  soldiers who are trained especially for this. 
Citizens. Every citizen who is ready to sacrifices himself for the common goal is the gold one. In a time of war they are the most important part of every Country because they are the majority and they take the biggest hit of all. They do everything.

But this time we will not talk about anything of this. This was just a small introduction so we see what are the most important things we need. 
In the end nothing of that is really important if you have not enough resources to equip your army, to feed your citizens or to produce everything you need for your tactical ideas in order to successfully attack or defend from your enemies. If you do not have things you need very easy you can let down your own people and make them feel betrayed and demoralized.  So in order to prepare properly you need enough funds to cover the costs of everything, 
When you do not have enough in the start that is already something bad.

And that is the part when our heroes from this article appear and save the day. Country.  And our win. 
We all know how important is to have citizens who are ready to give something of their own property just in order to help their Country to succeed. 
In this article I will thank few of them who helped the most during our last war effort.  Of course not only me, but I will do it in front of our Government team and our citizens. I hope that, based on this text , they will recognize how thankful we are to them because of every single gold or currency they donated to our Treasury. And to be honest, article is maybe not enough to show  how do we feel about it and how much respect we have for them. 

he ones who gave the most and who have massive respect from all of us and deserve their place here are: 

- Ron eXtremix - 

- entexnos - 

- Millo75 - 

- Drethgar - 

- LifesaverM -

One more time, One big thank you to all of our citizens who donated and helped us, but this one special thanks is to those who gave the most and really pushed us to win the last war. It was not an easy one but we made it. All together.

Minister of the  Public Relations of United States of America

Willy Wonka 




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Respect o7
Respect to all who participated!
Respect to every single one of our huge and powerfull team o7
respect o7